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Work from Home Etiquette

Amidst this quarantine, working from home is what everyone’s doing! Isn’t this all we ever wanted? Sitting comfortably on our couch in our pyjamas, working for some time and being distracted most of the time. But how long can we do it? Eventually, our deadlines will get hold of us and our work will suffer. What happens then?

Decreased productivity while working from home is a common problem. We tend to get distracted easily, and may not take our work hours seriously. Psychologically, we all believe that the office is the place to work, and home is the place to relax. But now that our place of work and home are no longer separate, how do we ensure better productivity? The 3main factors that need to be considered when we work from home are Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. These factors also help you maintain a good work-life balance even when your place of work is not different from your place of leisure.


Your attire directly affects the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act, and the way others react to you. You must be conscious of the impact right attire can have in your personal as well as professional life.

The thought aspect

Because of informal attire, you may not appear professional and business-like to yourself. This might be a huge obstruction in your productivity. When you appear attractive and appropriate, you are more likely to take yourself seriously, thus improving your productivity.

The emotional aspect

When you are attractively dressed and groomed, you are more likely to feel good about yourself. You feel more comfortable and capable and are much more motivated to get things done.

The behavioural aspect

Dressing professionally makes you feel responsible to behave and act in a proper manner. When you feel comfortable and mannerly, you get an internal motivation to perform your best.


  1. Time management

It is important to stick to your schedules while working from home. Waking up late and then working as per your mood might jeopardize your work performance. Even at home, following a proper time table is the key to making the best use of this period of self-isolation. Here are some tips to help you manage your time more effectively.

  1. Wake up at the same time you do in office days.

  2. Get dressed and have a proper breakfast.

  3. Start working the same time you would at the office.

  4. Don’t take breaks longer than required.

  5. Don’t let any external distractions get in your way of work.

  6. Isolate yourself from your family members during work hours.

  7. Be in constant contact with your colleagues and associates for timely updates.

  8. Stick to the deadlines.

  9. Don’t overstretch your office hours until it’s absolutely necessary.

  10. Take a break from your professional life post office hours and relax with your family.

Body posture

Body postures have a huge impact on productivity. Just by changing your posture, you can boost your brain functions and accomplish much more throughout the day.

Sitting straight and upright signifies that you are likely to think positive. The upright position allows your brain to be more focused and function better. It also leads to alertness and helps you understand and solve problems more effectively. An inappropriate body posture drains you of energy levels and makes you feel drowsy. When you don’t feel good, your productivity is automatically affected.

  1. Schedule

Sitting and working for long periods continuously will make your body stiff, which is harmful in the long run. Taking a moving break from time to time helps in relaxing the body muscles and keeps the brain functioning properly. Use this time for washroom breaks, to drink water to keep yourself hydrated, or munching on healthy snacks.


Communication is an integral part of our work life. It helps you stay connected with others and understand their views and opinions better. Working remotely will definitely affect your communication with your colleagues. This might also have a negative impact on your work and team functioning.

Proper attire and postures will ensure proper communication. When you are appropriately dressed and groomed, you feel confident, capable and productive. This helps you respond professionally on the phone, email and messages. When you feel confident and alert, you are more likely to respond promptly. These professional responses will generate a positive reaction from your colleagues, which not only results in inefficient results but also maintains good interpersonal relationships.

Keeping these factors in mind while working from home is an essential part of maintaining a productive work life. What is equally important is to maintain a healthy work-life balance and give equal attention to your personal life. This quarantine will not only help you stay safe but is also a golden opportunity to spend quality time with your family and strengthen your bonds.

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