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Building your professional self-image

As John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” Individuals and businesses hire image consultants and soft skills trainers to get guidance and training on self-image management, body language and etiquette to create better first and long-lasting impressions. There are a number of factors that affect your professional image and change the way others look at you. These are the following areas you need to work upon to ace your self-image in front of the world:

Communication is key:

The importance of communication skills goes beyond the four walls of a home. Workplace communication is a vital part of any professional setting. Contrary to popular belief, communication goes beyond just listening and talking. It is an effective measure to convey and comprehend information without any filters. Proper communication not only enhances efficiency but also helps maintain good interpersonal relations at the workplace. It is important to learn to convey your thoughts better and be able to understand the information conveyed by others.

Learn soft skills

Soft skills training is a requirement of every individual, starting with kids, teenagers, homemakers, teachers, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. It is a field common across various industries, ranging from retail to hospitality. It includes topics like verbal and non-verbal communication, corporate appearance and etiquette, professional behaviour and self-development. All these factors combine to give rise to the overall image of an individual in a professional setting.

Pay attention to your corporate attire

Although organizations, in recent times, are adopting a more casual and “chill” environment to suit the needs of millennials and giving them the right space to work in, it cannot be denied that formal attire and proper communication still hold the top-most places in the list of workplace requirements. Dressing properly is one of the strongest ways of non-verbal communication. As per the famous quotes “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have”, and “Dress to impress”, your attire speaks for you and helps people get a fair idea of your personality without you having to introduce yourself!

Make good and long-lasting impressions:

Corporate etiquette and brand image consulting play a major role in establishing a strong sense of image impact over others. As the quote “first impression is the last impression’ goes, your appearance, attire and etiquette are the first forms of communication that take place in a professional setting. It gives out a visual message about you before you engage in verbal communication with others. Hence, first impressions and image consulting are important to be well-groomed and being on your best behaviour in the workplace.

Self-image management and soft skills workshop is an integral part of learning and development in the corporate sector and help people perform better when they get golden opportunities.

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